You Were All Lied To

This is the real truth about CPAH.

The intention of this article is to finally clear up the allegations that have been made against the two of us–LuciferStar and Eden–surrounding the CPAH deface. This also serves as a response to the document produced by our former colleague, Pookie437.

WARNING: This Article Contains Swearing

As everyone is aware, unfortunately, the army community recently underwent cyber attacks in the past couple months. However, I, Eden, have been tied to these cyberattacks for some odd reason–perhaps due to some people wanting personal gain and revenge. It is saddening and disappointing to me.

Why has the army community decided to only listen to one side of the story and not consider the other? Where is the fairness and unbiasedness that armies have called for in the past 6 months? If anything, this entire situation has exposed who can and cannot be trusted and who are in this community for themselves.

One of the individuals that have accused the two of us of attacking the community is no other than our former colleague: Pookie437. One may even view it as an unsurprising attempt at getting back at us for discussions regarding his removal from CP Army Hub during December 2020. This ultimately led to his resignation. So what exactly has Pookie been spreading about us? You can read what he has been spreading here. He claims he has only sent it to a few people, but that’s undoubtedly a lie, as when viewing the document one day, more than four accounts were viewing it. Alongside the fact that CPAH staff are disgruntled with Lucifer and me, as well as us being banned from the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors, it’s clear to see just how far these allegations have spread.

Update: Since Pookie437 has deleted the contents of his document, please refer to the screenshots below for records.

Very funny

Firstly, let’s dive into this joke of a document: ‘The Fall of CPAH‘. “Lucifer has transferred the CPAH server yesterday, January 11th, after Eden put up a fight.” I put up a fight? Sorry, what? Since when did I ever put up a fight regarding server ownership? As far as I’m aware, there was a vote for server ownership, and when I woke up, there was more turmoil being made. Also, I transferred the server as you state here to LuciferStar. So what fight exactly are you on about? I have the logs still so don’t think you can worm your way out of accusing me of putting up a fight. “Eden said he could just get the server back from Lucifer so I proposed to admin/advisor/founders that we review Lucifer owning the server but I was shut down.” Shut down? We held a vote that night and were waiting for staff to finalise votes (such as Iceyfeet, for example). What shut down exactly happened? Unless you’re suggesting that you not getting server ownership was the ‘shut down’, there was no shut down. Also, it is agreed I could’ve just ask Lucifer for server ownership, and he’d give it to me because it was apparent what was going on. However, I received server ownership again for another reason which I will now gladly explain to everyone.

After waking up to a mass amount of DMs, it turns out the group/organisation known as ‘GH05T’ had decided to blackmail administrative staff into giving the attackers permissions to deface the server. The blackmail, of course, alluded to their doxxes being dropped publicly. These staff came to me for help, and that is where we discussed our options. One of the staff that was targeted by them was Sophie. Keep in mind, she’s only fourteen years old. However, that doesn’t matter to these guys because they have no real concern for anyone’s safety like they claim.

Klee is Sophie
Further context on what was happening.

Whilst this was happening, I had another group chat named CPAH: A New Hope with Doctor Mine Turtle (DMT), Superhero, Max, LuciferStar, and Sophie. We were discussing the future of CPAH and what we can do during these difficult times for the community. However, those plans were completely derailed by the push of attacks onto our staff.

We had to come up with a plan to handle this delicate situation. The attackers’ orders were that CPAH could not shut down to avoid defacement, the staff could not deface the servers themselves, that it must be done by GH05T otherwise, doxxes would be dropped. Many people underestimated this group/org and attempted to call their bluffs surrounding what they can do. I’m glad I didn’t make that call; otherwise, our staff wouldn’t be around today. So, what could we of possibly done with such a predicament? We can’t do much, and I wasn’t certainly going to give the attackers the Discord server. No, I took matters into my own hands and decided….well…to stage a takeover of the server. In short, we acted out a power-grab to keep everyone safe.

We decided that taking over the server and removing everyone from power would stop the attackers from being able to blackmail more staff. The only way they could now do anything to the server was through me. However, I needed to keep them happy to prevent them from getting suspicious of me. So, I followed what they asked me to do, which was to send their GH05T server ten times into the announcements channel in CPAH. Then I was requested to put in a CPAAL server link as well. I was in contact with Max during all of this, and we were ready to warn people about the GH05T server that I was about to post into the announcements channel. It was unavoidable, but we wanted to mitigate the number of people joining that server.

Me telling Max to prevent as many people from joining the server with announcements.
Lucifer and me banning users from the server before the majority of users wake up; this was done to prevent members from joining GH05T’s servers
Max making the announcement to leave CPAH Discord and to not click the posted links.

This was the only option I had in mind that preserved the server’s history and kept staff members safe. Hopefully, this answers your claims such as “any role with power such as Advisor, Head Moderator, and Reporting Head roles are deleted.” It brings me to say that we didn’t delete any roles other than army community role, we only removed all the roles with permissions from users.

Once again claiming things as if they are definitive when it isn’t the case at all
Putting this here in case you try to say I remade the roles

Now to move onto the part that disappoints me most–where you have tried to make it look like I was working with GH05T. “I receive a picture of a dm where Eden says that DMT, Sophie, and Max “won’t like what’s about to happen”. Sophie and Max have now left discord permanently.” You really are a deceiving little demon dog, aren’t you? I don’t recall ever saying these exact words you quote here, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you refer to what I said in the group chat. What I’ve said is very different from what you have quoted, however. Most infuriating is what you say afterwards about Sophie and Max leaving Discord permanently afterwards, and how it’s aimed to make the reader believe that I had some form of involvement in their permanent leave. This is completely untrue and has no evidence provided whatsoever to back up such a suggestion.

Here I am referring to the CPAH takeover in the GC I mentioned earlier

Here we have you doing what you do best. Taking things out of context and then spinning them your way. That’s what you did with your screenshots sent to Anonting for his CPAPP posts against CPAH and me which led to this whole cyberwar. Ah, yes. That’s right. You were involved with Anonting yourself. The man who led GH05T and was running this operation. Your lust for revenge got more than just CPAH hurt.

Take Anonting’s (Woes, Asid are his accounts) accusations against Pookie regarding him being “more than happy to fuck over orange and crazzy,” with a grain of salt.

Pookie confirms that he helped Anonting with his posts.
He was right there 😉

Next, you state that “Venom dms me telling me “the show is about to begin” when Eden unmutes him and to see if Eden will stick to the plan or “go schizo”.” From what Venom told you, you would know that I wasn’t involved with them willingly. I did what I had to, to keep our staff safe. Furthermore, you go on to state that “Thanos Trump pings everyone multiple times and says “SERVER RAPED BY GHOST”, prompting armies to put out pings ordering for the immediate evacuation of CPAH. Coupling this with the fact that Thanos Trump was mass banning or kicking from the server, by the time I went to sleep CPAH was down to 1.9k members.” Again, the server was lost for public use, and it was best we pruned it out, rather than stir the chaos for any longer. The Thanos Trump account was me, and I never have said it was not me. I just followed whatever I was told to send in announcements and that was that. Much more could’ve happened if we hadn’t taken this path. A couple of server invites being spammed in a channel ten times is the least of our worries.

Also, armies as far as I am aware had already called for their troops to pull out of the CPAH Discord server when we unbanned Anonting and Venom as it was ‘unsafe’. I understand their worries, but we have a full team of mods for a reason, and they weren’t going to target random people, especially if they were kept happy. Unfortunately, the community did not see this and instead, enraged them. Another funny thing is that all these armies called for their troops to leave the CPAH Discord server over two doxxers being allowed in, yet they didn’t do anything when it came to CPOAL and Riley’s criminal enterprise (which they all very well knew about). Was CPAH not benefitting enough for ya?

Furthermore, I heard from your document that pictures of individuals like Jaylen and Prior were posted in the CPAAL server. I apologise that this was happening, however as I’ve said, I wasn’t aware of what was in these servers, and I wasn’t present in them in the days of the attacks.

We also believe that some screenshots were being circulated by Pookie–without any context, of course–from an Instagram group chat that we have. Before I, Luciferstar, address most of it, one that has popped up the most is a particular screenshot where Eden says “smoke me cunt”. This particular screenshot has been twisted without including any context into what really transpired.

Pookie has done nothing but edge us both on in a group chat to obtain out of context screenshots for his own gain. To that end, I will be sharing what really happened.

“I ask Lucifer for a statement since he’s been so quiet and he says he’s dismissing everything I have said because I don’t know what and I’m just saying things
Now, this seems like a harmless message, does it not? Just a random asking for a statement. Here’s what Pookie really has been doing.

Pookie sending me aggressive messages completely unprovoked on a private DM to my Instagram. [Lucifer]

As if these completely unprovoked aggravating messages were not enough for me to dismiss him, his blatant disregard for our staff members who were being threatened at that time led me to have no desire to want to answer anything to him. At the end of the day, I was right in doing so, especially after Anonting confirmed Pookie’s participation in his group.

I’m aware that multiple screenshots of this group chat have circled in a way that serves his benefit, but what really happened is this.

The blue texts are from me, LuciferStar.

There was no heated argument, it was me talking about cute girls I’m meeting in real life, or about stuff that I’m watching on YouTube.

In conclusion:

CP Army Hub ended up defaced with the two of us somewhat exiled from the community, but it was only done to keep the CPAH staff safe. Anyone with permissions in the CPAH Discord at that time was at risk of being threatened to gain permissions to the Discord. Permissions to the Discord also meant the members of GH05T would gain access to staff channels which may contain sensitive information. Our staff members were close to one another, and there was far too much that was at potential risk. We weighed the odds of multiple possibilities while under a ticking time-bomb, with some members with permissions already being threatened. We even took multiple extra measures wherein we asked Max to ping the staff server to notify everyone to leave the main Discord server. In fact, Eden and I had pushed for a half an hour waiting period wherein we’d give the staff half an hour so they could all get the leave notification and they’d inform respective armies to have their members leave the main discord so they would not join the links that were sent thereafter. At that point in time, we agreed it was the most suitable action going ahead. See for yourself, the users who were threatened at the time for permissions were left alone, and no more staff members carried the risk of being threatened. Maybe there were better options, but this yielded results, and I don’t know if I’d have it any other way. The truth is we’re not the enemies, all we’ve done so far is try to the best of our abilities to keep everyone safe.


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